Whitstable Improvement Trust

The Whitstable Improvement Trust (WIT) is an independent Charitable Company managed solely by volunteers to benefit Whitstable and its community. Our purpose is to promote the protection and improvement of the local environment and the features and activities which provide its unique character.

We aim to encourage and support public awareness, particularly of young people, in the environmental diversity and richness of the town’s heritage.

Since the WIT was founded in 1989, it has enabled many joint community projects which have enhanced the town’s architecture, landscape and facilities as well as promoting and maintaining its historic features. We will continue to encourage projects that are sympathetic to the character of the town and that provide benefit to the local community.

The Trust is financed from its own assets, public donations and the membership of local individuals, groups and businesses who wish to support our aims and guide our strategy. If you are interested in becoming a member you will be warmly welcomed.

The WIT encourages local groups, associations and charities to apply for a grant towards deserving projects. These Whitstable Improvement Trust Grants are administered by the Trust’s annually elected Executive Board using criteria designed to ensure that any funds granted help meet the Trust’s main aims. Organisations wishing to apply for a grant should apply for an application pack.