Whitstable Improvement Trust Grants


  1. Applications for grants will only be accepted from non-profit making community organisations, groups or charities having a formal structure and annual accounts.
  2. The WIT’s Executive Board’s decision will require a unanimous vote and will be final.
  3. The proposed work, for which a grant has been applied, will be focussed on providing benefit to Whitstable and its community as a whole and meet one or more of the following objectives.
    • Improve the built environment for the public benefit
    • Educate the public, particularly children
    • Work in partnership with other organisations
  1. The maximum individual grant will be £5000.
  2. The number of grants awarded each year will be dependent on the funds available as determined by the Executive Board.
  3. Any Board member with an official connection to the applicant will be excluded from voting but will be allowed to give an opinion.
  4. Grant applications will only be accepted from recognised formal groups or organisations with group/business bank account.
  5. The Executive Board reserves the right to question any part of the application and in particular the financial status of the applicant.
  6. Applicants applying for match funding (or part funding) will be favoured.
  7. In instances where several applications have been received within the same period the Executive Board will rank them in an order of priority and their decision will be based on this ranking.
  8. Applications will not be carried over into the next grant period but if declined due to priorities, rather than eligibility, can be re-submitted for consideration at the next grant period.
  9. It is unlikely that successful applicants will be eligible to receive another grant for the same, a revised or a new project within a space of 24 months.
  10. When requested, the successful applicant will provide the Executive Board with documentary proof that the monies granted have been used to pay for the resources as originally intended.


  1. There will be two grant sessions per year and the closing dates for applications are 1st May and 1st October with decisions taken within two months of the closing date.
  2. The applicant must use the appropriate form provided (WITG/2020/03) and provide separate supporting documentation if they deem it necessary.
  3. Either written documentation or emails with attachments will be accepted.
  4. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  5. If requested by the Executive Board, the applicant shall attend an interview to present the application at a mutually agreed time and venue.
  6. Once an application has been accepted for the provision of a grant the applicant must provide the Trust with their bank details to enable the transfer of funds.