Why should I be a member of the Whitstable Improvement Trust?

As a member of the Whitstable Improvement Trust, you are individually contributing to a fund used for the sole purpose of improving the town and maintaining its rich heritage.

Members are in a position to hold to account the Board of Trustees at Annual General Meetings through open debate and the election of Board members every year.

You are also entitled to stand for election to the Board of Trustees at Annual General Meetings, which will enable you to help control the management of the Trust’s funds.

The Trust manages funds from four sources.

  • Rent from leasing the property in Harbour Street.
  • Grant funding for specific projects.
  • Membership fees and contributions.
  • Existing reserves and investments.

These funds enable the Trust to undertake its own initiatives or to provide assistance, in the form of small grants and/or advice, to chosen local organisations wishing to undertake projects of their own. In both instances, such initiatives must meet some or all of the Trust’s prime charitable objectives as follows.

  • To promote for the public benefit the preservation, protection, development and improvement of buildings, land or features of particular beauty or historical, architectural or public interest in or around Whitstable.
  • To promote the education of the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture and in particular of young people in the environmental studies in Whitstable.
  • To promote any other charitable purpose in Whitstable.

The success of the Trust is totally dependent on a strong membership without which it would be unable to function.  This would be a sad loss to the local community.

If you would like to become a member of the Whitstable Improvement Trust download a membership application form. Should you prefer to talk to somebody to discuss becoming a member please contact us.